RAF Phantoms General

Air Defence

This is where I have had to put all the "stuff" that didn't fit into Sqns and Stations.

  • The original MacDonnell Douglas Phantom II zap.

  • The original MacDonnell Douglas Phantom II patch.

  • The original RAF Phantom II patch.

  • Phantom Phixer patch

  • Phantom Groundcrew patch from the early 1970's

    Supplied by Pete Mears
  • A highly detailed patch for the British Phantoms. If anyone can tell me where this one came from I would be happy to pass the gen on here.

  • A Spook badge from the mid '80's.

  • My late father, Stephen King, worked as a Phantom Phixer in the 80s at RAF St Athan.
    My cousin was recently reboarding his attic, which was originally boarded by my Dad. As my cousin was taking the old boards up, he came across a cupboard door with a Phantom Phixer's sticker on it.
    I thought I would share this with you so that you can share on your website

    Supplied by Stephanie Phillips
  • Groundcrew patch from 4 Sqn, RAF St Athan where Phantom Major servicings were carried out.

  • Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment, A Flight, RAF Boscombe Down patch

  • RAF SU Decimomannu Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation/Range zap

  • Alcock & Brown zap from 1979 Atlantic Crossing

  • RAF F4K & F4M patch

  • Davall Camera Mod Team patch from Leuchars

  • TLP Jever patch

  • Phantom Pharewll patch from 1992

  • Strike Command Air-to-Air Missile Establishment patch from RAF Valley

  • The famous low flying Phantom leaving RAF St Athan after a Major
    Taken from Pprune:
    Traditionally, on leaving overhaul at Saint Athan, aircraft would do a fly-by for the benefit of the groundcrew who had worked on it. The pilot of this particular Phantom FG1, a retiring Wing Commander, was chatting to a member of the ground crew the day before the departure flight. He said he was going to fly between the hangars and that the guy should be ready with a camera to record the event. It was due to be his last flight, so he was going to do something 'special'. The groundcrew weren't too convinced of the pilot's claim, but stood around as usual anyway watching as the F4 took off, destination Leuchars. As the photo shows, the pilot was not joking, you can see the afterburner diamonds quite clearly in front of the hangar. You can also see personnel standing underneath it. The recently tuned Speys allegedly shook a man working in the roof of one of the hangars enough for him to fall and break his leg. These hangars are set east to west, about 75 yards apart, and you can estimate the height from the length of the Phantom. Immediately after the event, the pilot was contacted by the tower and was instructed in no uncertain terms to 'return and land immediately'. As I am told, he did so and was given a severe rollicking. I don't know what action was taken, but it was his last flight in any case.

  • XT595 - The first British F4 Phantom

  • XT597 - The Boscombe Down A&AEE trials aircraft

  • The other "Raspberry Ripple" - XV424 at IAT, Greenham Common in 1979

    Supplied by John Lyons