Here you will find all the ex-Royal Air Force Phantom engineers that have contacted the site. Membership is fairly loose, the only requirement is having worked on the aircraft or supported a Phantom Sqn in its operational capacity (other than flying it - sorry aircrew but you do have lots of other associations you can go and meet up at!).

All applications are checked for authenticity and subsequently added to the Register. If you wish to join our happy band, click on the link below and fill in the form giving as much information as possible. To find your old mates, click on the links and trawl through the list - that way you might find people you had never even thought of since those good old days on the Phantom!

In light of GDPR and various other pieces of legislation, I have removed the direct email links from the membership pages. If you see an old mucca that you would like to get in contact with, fill in your details and then complete the bottom part of the Phantomeers Contact Form below, send it in and I will contact the person concerned to see if they want to chat....!

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Mug Shot Surname First Name Trade Start Date End Date Sqns/Stns Location
  Griffiths Carl (Taff)) Weapons Feb 1980 Feb 1983 19(F) Sqn Pontefract
  Davies Rick (Disco) A Tech P 1981 1992 43(f) Sqn 1981-1989
ASF Wattisham 1989-1992
South Devon