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At last I've managed to get get around to re-writing the whole site and bring it into the 21st Century! The site should be fully accessible from your tablet or Smartphone, so make the most of showing your mates! As always, if you have something you think would be of interest to the Phantomeers, please send it in here and I'll really try to get it on the site!


In light of GDPR and other legislation, I have removed the email addresses from the membership pages. If you wish to get in contact with an old mate, please fill in the bottom half of the contact form and I will endeavour to contact them on your behalf and let you know the outcome as soon as I can.

I have also had a few nil returns from mail servers during a recent mail rush. Could you check your entry on the membership list and if there is an amber background on your entry, please contact me with a new address if you wish to have any updates in the future.


Ian Topham has contacted us from BPAG to let us know that they are in the process of building a facility at the old RAF Kemble to house 3 Phantom Airframes. The famous Raspberry Ripple - XT597, a twin stick - XT905 and a F4J ZE360 plus a host of Phantom related memorabilia. Two of the airframes are already in place and they're starting the process of building a structure to house them permanently.

If you want to find out more, or how to possibly help them, visit their website on the link below:


Wattisham QRA


This website has been created to further contact and information between all the Royal Air Force aircraft engineers that have served on the McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom II aircraft from 1968 at RAF Coningsby until its demise in 1992 at RAF Wattisham.

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Having been born out of an idea for a reunion of ex-Phantom techies, The Phantomeers has grown to over 750 strong with service dates ranging from the mid- sixties right up to the end of the Phantom Era. If you worked on the "Tomb" and would like to get in touch with some of your old workmates, go to the Members page and fill in the form to get on the members list. As well as trying to put old friends back in touch with each other, the site is also interested in all things Phantom from its time within the RAF. If you have any interesting items, do send them in.

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