RAF Coningsby

RAF Coningsby
  • RAF Coningsby Crest

  • The Phantom Servicing School Course photo for Prop 70 from Oct 1978.

    Supplied by Gary Mannion
  • The Phantom Servicing School Course photo for Prop 76 from Oct 1979.

    Supplied by Rog Canfield (nee Hall)
  • The Course photo for OWS 02 from Mar 1985. There appears to have been a bit of ancient photoshopping to this one....

    Supplied by Jim Haywood
  • The P*/P** team from ASF at Coningsby standing beside XV424 in July 1979.
    Doug Parker, Roy Kellaway, Steve Farrar, Pete Hatton, Pete Matthews, Bob Mackay, Jud Thompson, Merv Riches, Tony Crawford, Rick Heap, Dave Quinlan, Ed Hooper, Dennis Ebeline

    Supplied by Merv Riches
  • Here is the Spey Test Bed Team at Coningsby.
    Doc Holliday, John Beaumont (Gunner), Graham McCrory, Colin Rouse.
    This was taken around May 1982, shortly before the test bed was closed on Coningsby and moved to Woodhall Spa, where it remained until the Spey Bay closed in 1991.

    Supplied by Alan Holliday
  • The Minor Team at RAF Coningsby in 1982.
    Back row L to R
    Fozzy Woodcraft, Merv Riches, Ian Westle, Ron Holt, Les Steward, Barry Newton, Chris Julian, Noz Wilson, Adrian "Swatty" Swatton
    and seated front,
    Tony Jennings and Jim Young

    Supplied by Merv Riches
  • A handsome shot of the line at RAF Coningsby during the visit of their Honorary Air Commodore, Princess Margaret in the early 70's.
    The line up consisted of Aircraft from ( bottom to top ) 1 from 6 Sqdn ( flying can openers ), 2 from 41 Sqdn , 4 from 54Sqdn, and 7 from 228 O.C.U.
    Rumour was that they stretched a rope between two Tugs and parked the Aircraft up until they "towed the line", not sure if that was true, but can quite believe it, typical of the lengths they went to in those days to get things spot on.

    Supplied by Brian Allinson
  • Photo taken just before the last Phantom left Coningsby ASF for Leuchars. I'm afraid I can't remember many of the names, but the guy dressed as the "spook" is Al Harkness. Chris Coville was the Stn Cmdr in the centre with WO Geoff Bland and Brian Carney seated as well.

    Supplied by Ian Witton