RAF Bruggen

RAF Bruggen
  • RAF Bruggen Crest

  • A picture of Bruggen Rects around 1971/72.

    This Link is a PDF with names

    Supplied by Cliff Doe and Dave Richardson
  • Believed to have been taken on the same day as the pic before, this is RAF Bruggen Rects Sqn showing how to support the Phantom.
    "It was used as a Squadron Christmas card, sent to the flying squadrons and other sections, to Illustrate "Phantom Support by Rectification Squadron". John Gardner and George Highmore are providing my immediate support in the photo, but the only others I can now name are Bernie Williams and Harry Reid."

    Supplied by Rob Loveday
  • ....and to finish off, the original Rects Sqn sign, as shown on the front of the Phantom, two pics back, and still hangs in Rob Loveday's garage!

    Supplied by Rob Loveday
  • ASF at Bruggen around 1976, knocking out the last Primary **. Inscription says, "Last ASF Super Servicing by appointment to the ?"(sorry, can't read the last bit!) Colin Blevins FCP, Spence Lewis behind him. Other's in the picture, Mick Slorance, Coz Corry, John Bray, Chalkie White, Merv Swift and quite a few others. Andy Day assures me he is somewhere as well!

    Supplied by Mick Slorance
  • Bruggen Rects Engine Team 1971

    Supplied by Dave Richardson