XV501, LAMPUKA Prep, RAF Wattisham 1985/6

The picture below shows members of Wattisham ASF circa 1985/86. XV501 had just completed a Minor in preparation for LAMPUKA (Land At Mount Pleasant from UK Airfield - I think!). If anyone can fill in the gaps just to get history straight it would be much appreciated! Click on the pic for an even larger image.

Wattisham ASF 1985/6

Simon Clements, Umar Farooq, ?, Bob Gibson, Carl Thompson, ?, Ian (Radar) Denington, Pete Grace, Martin Beck.

Ian Osborne, Dave Brook, Brian Peacock, Darren Kirby, Nick Judd, Rog Goy, Graham Wakeling, Greg Tallett, Andy Shaw, ?, ?.

Capt Bud Flannigan, ?, Steve Clements, Josey Welch, Steve Oliver, Darren Clemons, Laurie Hoggan, Brian Stoneman, Ruth Clark, Simon Cornwall, Mick ?, John McLure, Al Hinchcliffe, Steve Sage, Steve Church, Greg Simpson, ?, Mick Patterson, 3 x ?, Barry Pearson, FS Ken Davies, ? , Phil Leggate, Chris Yarnell, 2 x ?, Charlie Chester.